CUSA Reunion


Hello all CUSA folk!

First, allow me to introduce myself. I was on the 1994-1995 CUSA Executive and as of about a month ago, I am the General Manager of CUSA. I am loving this new role for all the reasons all of us loved working at CUSA- it is full of energy, great people and great initiatives!

But, it hasn’t always been great. There have been many bumps, scandals and set backs along the way. At the end of it all, CUSA has always prevailed to help many students be better people and community leaders and to be the voice of the students on campus.

On behalf of our present Executive, we would like you to come and celebrate CUSA and the 75th Anniversary of Carleton University on Saturday November 18th @ 6pm in the world famous Oliver’s.

Below you will see two really interesting documents, thanks to an individual that many of you know, Jean Cheng (Accounting) and our VP Internal, Cat Kelly. It is a list of CUSA executives back to 1942 when our University first started.

This event isn’t solely for executives. We want to celebrate everyone who had anything to do with our organization. You may have been a Councillor, staff member, Service Centre member, Charlatan reporter, etc. Please come and celebrate CUSA and the 75th Anniversary and feel free to reach out to others that you think would love to celebrate!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly at

We hope to see you on November 18th!

All the best,
Travis Lindgren

CUSA Executives 1942-1993
CUSA Executives 1992-Present