The Go the Distance project


Here at the Carleton University Students’ Association, we’re spending the next few months raising money to help Syrian refugees come to Canada. We’re doing a bunch of initiatives in our community to raise money and support for the cause here in Ottawa.

But now we need your help – we want to take this fundraiser national.

We’re calling our project Go the Distance. This is how it works:

  • We’re challenging student unions all over Canada to help us “fly” a model plane the distance from Syria to Canada – one university at a time.
  • We’re going to mail this cool model plane to student unions all over the country.
  • They’ll take a video of its arrival and stamp its passport. We’re challenging each school to donate $100.00 to the fund when they receive the plane, and we hope they’ll encourage their members on social media to donate as well.
  • Then they send it on to another student union in Canada. And they send it on to another one, and another one, until the plane has travelled 9000km – the approximate distance between Damascus and Ottawa.

So where’s the plane right now?

Enroute to the UBC Alma Mater Society in Vancouver – Keep an eye out for their video of its arrival here.

Our goal? To raise money for this important cause and bring students across the country together to support Syrian refugees.

All the funds we raise in the next two months will go to the Refugee Sponsorship Support Program, an amazing charity that helps sponsorship groups bring refugees to Canada faster. The refugee sponsorship process can be incredibly difficult for private sponsorship groups. They’re usually community groups who don’t have extra funds to hire a lawyer to help fill out the sponsorship forms. The Refugee Sponsorship Support Program is a national organization that helps these groups overcome the structural challenges involved with sponsorship.

To find out more about the Refugee Sponsorship Support Program, click here.

Click here to donate to the fund through Canada Helps.