The CU Food Checklist

November 9, 2017 no Comments

Carleton University has so many options when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s almost overwhelming, but don’t stress! We’ve got your guide to the best food Carleton has to offer. 10. 1am Pizza Pizza Late night Pizza Pizza at Oasis is a staple at Carleton, especially if you live in residence. We all … Read More “The CU Food Checklist”


October 5, 2017 no Comments

It’s October already, which means it’s time for students everywhere to ask themselves, how are midterms are already a thing? It’s also the time of year where we tend to ignore the importance of daily exercise, healthy eating, and sleep. Here are some healthy, delicious and quick recipes that will buy you more study time … Read More “FIVE QUICK AND HEALTHY STUDY SNACKS”