VP Student Life

The Vice President Student Life organizes events to enrich your student experience. This includes discount concert tickets, Ollie’s and Rooster’s programming,  and CUSA’s frosh and homecoming events.

Name: Daisy Kasper

Hailing from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Daisy came to Carleton 5 years ago to begin her studies in the Global and International Studies program. Daisy loves to get involved! Before her time with CUSA, Daisy was a part of AIESEC, the Fall Orientation program, the Carleton Glee club, and also works for Campus Safety Services. Daisy is excited to get started in her new role as VPSL. She plans to create the brand new CUSA Leadership Academy to curate more leadership opportunities for students on campus.

Follow Daisy on Instagram: @daizzzzz_

Check out more of Daisy’s policy priorities below.