The President oversees the general operations of the Association, its relationship with the university administration, and CUSA’s large-scale projects.

Name: Lily Akagbosu

Summer Office Hours

Monday- Friday 10:00am- 4:00pm

Lily Akagbosu is currently studying Psychology at Carleton University. She is an International student from Lagos, Nigeria. Since a young age, Lily sought leadership positions. At Carleton, she was a CUSA Councillor, a service center coordinator and a CUSA executive (VP student issues). Fun fact: in 2017, Lily received the Pioneers for Change Youth Leadership award and was a youth keynote speaker at First Work – Futures Conference, which featured over 400 delegates from across Canada. This year, Lily’s goal is to do more than create awareness campaigns – she is committed to bringing solutions to student issues.

Check out the other projects Lily is working on below.