Electoral Documents

Click the links below to access the following electoral documents:

2018 Writ of By-Election

2018 Electoral Code – Outlines the rules and regulations that govern the electoral process for all CUSA elections and referenda.

Electoral Code Violation Submission Form – The form to submit alleged Electoral Code Violations for review by the CUSA Elections Office.

Official Candidates List – Official list of validated candidates in the 2018 CUSA By-Election.

Voting Day Policy – Outlines the rules regarding candidate behaviour on voting days.

Social Media Guidelines – Outlines the rules regarding the use of Social Media during the campaign period.

Campaign Poster Locations and Guidelines – A document of Postering Guideines as well as a list of all the approved poster locations for the campaign.


Ranked Voting Test Ballot – A blank ballot where voters can see what a ranked ballot looks like.

Ranked Voting FAQ – A fact sheet about ranked voting and how it will impact the 2018 CUSA Election.

Constituency Information Sheet – List of Constituency Seats and the programs they fall under.

2016-17 Electoral Report – Prepared by 2016-17 Chief Electoral Officer