Printing Services


Each club has a $50 printing budget each year (starting May 1st) which can only be used for printing at the CUSA Communications office. Please note the following when submitting your files for print:

  • Turnaround time for printing files is 48 – 72 hours.
  • All print jobs must be sent 4 business days before the event.
  • Printing jobs will be limited to 200 pieces at a time per job (with exceptions for items such as; tickets, show playbills, etc. at the discretion of the executive)
  • All print jobs can be picked up at the CUSA Main Office (401 University Centre)
  • You will receive an email once your request has been processed
  • For any questions regarding your print request please email
  • Please submit files as PDFs (high quality JPG and PNG are also acceptable)
  • Printing Prices & Guidelines


    Club Executive Name (First and Last)*

    Club or Society Name

    Student Number*

    Carleton Email Address*

    Preferred Email Address (add a preferred email address)

    Phone Number*

    Paper Size*

    Paper Type*

    Ink Type*
    Colour (CMYK)Grayscale (B&W)

    Number (#) of Prints*

    Print File Attachment*

    Additional Comments/Instructions