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While we work diligently to provide a meaningful solution for all club members please use the contact information and links provided below to access our services. We thank you for the support during this time and will provide further updates as they become available.

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Clubs & Societies Directory

Organization Name Description Connect
/r/CarletonU The Carleton subreddit is the largest online Q&A forum for Carleton. It’s a great place to post any questions you have during your studies at the University. It also acts as a hub for sharing and discovering campus news, photos, Internet memes, events, and clubs. In addition to general discussion, /r/CarletonU acts as a portal to Carleton’s biggest public chat rooms to get even quicker answers and make new friends with similar interests. /r/CarletonU Website
African students association The African Students’ Association of Carleton University (ASACU) is an ethnic-cultural club that strives to raise awareness and celebrate African culture around campus and in the Ottawa community. Our mission is to provide a network of support for Africans around the community and to put on events that educate anyone who wishes to learn about the various African cultures. We aim to fundraise for local charities that promote the well-being of African nations and provide resources for those in need. Instagram:
Ahlul Bayte Student Association ABSA Facebook
AIESEC AIESEC is the largest student run organization in the world committed to providing youth life changing cross cultural experiences to grow as leaders and develop professionally. Instagram: @aiesec_carleton
Anime@Carleton Anime@Carleton promotes Japanese anime, manga, and other pop culture from the land of the rising sun. The club is made up of both casual and serious fans that attend our weekly showings. We also host other social activities such as going out for sushi, meeting up for movies, and other activities around the city. Note: with COVID-19 happening, we’re running our showings online and will likely have other online activities planned. Instagram: @AnimeCarleton
Arab Students League Our mission is to advance Arab culture sensibilities from a non-partisan viewpoint and to extend networking opportunities to our members in the National Capital Region. Instagram: @arabstudentsleague
Arthur Kroeger College Educational Student Society Established in 2003, the Arthur Kroeger College Educational Students’ Society (AKCESS) has worked to foster community within the PAPM community at Carleton University.

We hold events, organize activities, and offer resources for PAPM students to maximize their potential, from academics, career readiness, and student life.

Instagram: @akcess
ASHRAE Carleton Student Branch The ASHRAE student branch for Carleton University works closely with the Ottawa Valley chapter of ASHRAE to organize speaking events, tours, and networking opportunities in the world of build performance.
Asian Canadians Association Carleton ACAC is dedicated to providing both educational and social activities to establish a community and raise awareness about multi-generational Asian Canadian and international experiences. We hope to continue expanding our community and to celebrate Asian Canadian identity. Instagram: @asiancanadians_carleton
Best Buddies Best Buddies is a program that allows students from Carleton to be matched with individuals from the community with intellectual or physical disabilities Through individual meetings and big group events, the goal is to develop wonderful friendships with your buddy but the rest of the club members while also getting more involved in the school and community! Best Buddies Facebook
BGInS Students’ Society The BGInS Students’ Society is home to the extracurricular side of the Global and International Studies program. Run by students, we aim to foster community within our program through social, academic, and networking events. Through events such as embassy tours, a year end gala, pub nights, study sessions, community speaker nights, and coffeehouses, we provide a skill-developing and experiential addition to our program. BGInS Facebook
Bibles for Carleton We are an non profit organization that hand out free Bibles for bible study on campus
BLW CARLETON SOCIETY We are is a Christian student ministry with the purpose of bringing young people into the consciousness of the exciting life of God in Christ Jesus. Instagram: blwcarletonu
Bob Ross Paint Club A painting club that follows Bob Ross tutorials. For all skill levels.
Cam’s Kids Carleton Cam’s Kids Ambassadors are the face of the Foundation in their communities, at school, home and wherever they go. Cam’s Kids Ambassadors help to create awareness of anxiety symptoms and encourage the use of the many resources available on our website promoting healthy options for anxiety management.

Cam’s Kids Ambassadors:
• volunteer at events supporting Cam’s Kids
• speak up in their schools and communities
• distribute posters and ensure appropriate placement

They participate in many other activities to help the Foundation make a positive and healthy impact in their communities.

Cam’s Kids Ambassadors are young people who care about mental wellness, helping others and who are inspired to carry on Cam’s legacy of love, kindness, and compassion. They are instrumental in Cam’s Kids commitment to: “Supporting Young People Struggling with Anxiety”

Instagram: @camskids
Canadian Society for Civil Engineering CSCE, Carleton Chapter is an academic society providing support and resources for students of all years. Our society bridges the gap between various years of students, helping them find the connections they might need, to help them in their academic journey and to become more involved in Carleton . CSCE, Carleton Chapter also helps students branch out into the workforce by providing networking and information nights throughout the year. Allowing students to see first hand what their future could look like.
Carleton Applied and Theoretical Linguistics Society Our Goal: Create a community within the School of Linguistics and Language Studies (SLaLS) outside of the classroom.
Who Can Join: Anyone who is a registered student/professor at Carleton University and is interested in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and/or Modern Languages is allowed to join!
CATLS Facebook
Carleton Art History Undergraduate Society The Carleton Art History Undergraduate Society (aka. CAHUS) is committed to bringing together Art History and History and Theory of Architecture undergraduate students at Carleton University to form an engaging and culturally rich community. The society hopes to provide a forum to connect like-minded people and encourage networking opportunities with fellow students and faculty. The society strives to provide students with opportunities to gain experience that will benefit their future endeavours, through art-related events and collaborations. CAHUS Facebook
Carleton Artificial Intelligence Society The Carleton Artificial Intelligence Society is all about learning, practicing and sharing knowledge of the increasingly interesting field of AI. CAIS Facebook
Carleton Artistic Swimming Club Carleton Artistic Swimming Club is Carleton’s competitive artistic swimming club, based out of the Carleton pool. We offer programming for people with no synchro experience, in addition to a full competitive stream. All genders welcome 🙂
Carleton Book Ravens Carleton Club Expo & through social media Book Ravens Facebook
Carleton CASIS Club Promote club to groups that may be interested. CASIS Facebook
Carleton Chemistry and Biochemistry Society The Carleton Chemistry and Biochemistry Society (CCBS) is a student run society organized by undergraduate and graduate students in chemistry and biochemistry at Carleton University. Through initiatives such as our monthly LDLs, biannual pub nights, and presentation series from a variety of speakers, we attempt to both educate and foster the development of a community among our programs!
Carleton Climbing Club We are Carleton’s rock climbing club! Our primary goal is to immerse anybody interested to the world of climbing. We hope to do so by offering club members exclusive deals to Ottawa’s local gyms to make the experience as group-friendly and affordable as possible.

We will be taking part in weekly climbs at Ottawa’s local climbing gyms as well as outdoor trips in Ontario’s local natural cliff faces. The Climbing Club seeks to gather people who share the love of climbing as well as introducing the sport to newcomers interested in getting on the wall.

Climbing Club Facebook
Carleton Cognitive Science Association The Carleton Cognitive Science Association (CCSA) brings individuals interested in Cogntive Science together through social and academic events. These events include; Dinner with a Prof, Prof Panel, seasonal activities and more! CCSA Facebook
Carleton Communication Student Society CUSS is a social and academic group of Communications Students at the Undergraduate level. Students involved in the group are a part of fundraising initiatives, social activities, professional development workshops, and networking nights throughout the year. Instagram: @carletoncuss
Carleton Conservatives “We are the Conservative campus club from Carleton University. We support and assist the CPC and the Ontario PC Party. Get involved with us today!” Conservatives Facebook
Carleton Cosplay Club This club seeks to bring together individuals who have a love for wearing and building cosplay. We want to create a cosplay community and will aim to teach you new cosplay techniques through hands-on workshops. Cosplay Club Facebook
Carleton Country Music Association Carleton Country Music Association hosts country- themed pub nights, party buses to Crazy Horse, and singing competitions. We also do lots of giveaways of country concert tickets and merch! Any and all types of country fans are welcome to be apart of this club! We are always open to new ideas and love to have a good time! Instagram: @Carleton_CountryMusic
Carleton Cricket Club Give them information about the club and tell them what we have achieved in the past years. Make them feel welcome by introducing them to the members. Show them around the facilities and explain rules for equipment usage. Get them involved in club activities and ask them about their first experience and give contact info for the next steps. Cricket Club Facebook
Carleton Crohn’s and Colitis Society A network for students living with Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and/or Inflammatory Bowel Disease to meet and discuss their lives with the disease and guest speakers. Crohn’s and Colitis Facebook
Carleton Cross Country / Track & Field Recruiting, Clubs exhibition X-country / Track & Field Facebook
Carleton Cyber Security Club We are a group of students passionate about cybersecurity. We go to events, have guests speakers, and do challenges, and CTFs to build our skill set. Anybody is welcome.
Carleton DanceLab A recreational dance team for anyone who loves to dance, wants to learn to dance and stay active to come together and share in our love for dance. A judgement free space where any student is welcome to join and where many genres of dance may be practiced. Instagram: @carletondancelab
Carleton Dragonboat Club An athletic club that runs dragon boat practices and competitions year-round. No experience or equipment is necessary and we are very beginner-friendly!! The club executives and senior members are there to teach you how to paddle and how to learn and improve your stroke. The club gives the opportunity for competitive and recreational paddlers to paddle and get in shape with intro CrossFit lessons, pool paddling, stand up paddleboarding, dry land practices, gym times and coach-led dragon boat practices. Dragonboat Club Facebook
Carleton eggX eggX is a club designed to jump-start students in their coding journey. We run events and facilitate projects to help introduce students to the process of building your own programming portfolio. Discord, server:
Carleton Engineering Musical The Carleton Engineering Musical is a parody musical production with special emphasis on engineering content and humour. Participants have the opportunity to write, direct and perform in a musical performance over the course of the year and meet other artistically minded students. Enrollment in engineering is not a requirement to join, everyone is welcome.
Carleton Engineers Without Borders EWB Carleton is a student organization that aims to bring people and ideas together. We are a community of student leaders that ask tough questions and are open to all faculties. Across Canada chapter members are taking thoughtful and strategic actions to create profound social change in their universities, companies, and communities. Instagram: @carletonewb
Carleton Eye Support Club Our Mission for 2020-2021 is to create a platform for students to engage themselves in helping those in need of eye care across the world. The Eye Support Club recycles used glasses and then exports them to countries and specific organization in need. We also help raise awareness about the socio-economic disparities in third world countries in regards to their eye care systems.
Carleton Film Society The Carleton Film Society fosters an enriching community for cinephiles and/or budding filmmakers by screening movies on a weekly basis, engaging in discussions, and sharing resources about the cinema through interactive workshops and activities. We also help you cultivate your filmmaking talents – be it screenwriting, directing, editing, and more – by producing short films from start to finish where members can be involved in any and every part of the production if they’d like. Film Society Facebook
Carleton Fintech Club The Carleton Fintech Club seeks to promote Fintech education and support student networking. The Club looks to bring numerous workshops, interactive and information sessions to assist those who are eager and interested in learning about Fintech. Fintech Club Facebook
Carleton Geography & Environmental Studies Student’s Association CUGESA is all about meeting other students within the Geography, Geomatics, and Environmental Studies department. We plan various events throughout the year, both on and off campus, and everyone is welcome! Our events focus on meeting others in the department, networking, educational opportunities, and having a blast with your friends. Best of all, it’s free to join! CUGESA Facebook
Carleton Glee Club Founded in 2010, the Carleton University Glee Club is a group for people to come together, let loose and celebrate a love for singing. We are a performance club that aims to provide an accepting, friendly, and energetic environment in which individuals can contribute to a fun and positive musical experience. We perform several times throughout the year for both the Carleton and Ottawa community. Look out for us this upcoming year, as we are preparing for our most exciting year yet! Glee Club Facebook
Carleton Global Brigades Global Brigades is an international non-profit that empowers communities to meet their health and economic goals through university volunteers and local teams. Global Brigades Facebook
Carleton Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race Team Each year, the Carleton GNCTR team designs, builds, and races a toboggan equipped with steering, braking, and a concrete running surface against other universities from across Canada. GNCTR Facebook
Carleton Health Sciences Society The Carleton Health Science Society (HSS) is a student society which seeks to represent, support and advocate for students within the Health Science department while fostering the development of connections between students. Our mission is to provide students within the department the best possible university experience by offering opportunities to further our education, social network, interact with fellow students and most of all, have fun! HSS Facebook
Carleton House and Techno Club The Carleton House and Techno Club is for individuals who are passionate about house music and techno, with an emphasis on underground sounds. Our club throws club night events at recognized clubs in Ottawa, as well as hosting learn to DJ nights. If you love great music, this is the club for you! House and Techno Facebook
Carleton Improv Association The Carleton Improv Association is dedicated to the practice and performance of scenes made up completely on the spot. We teach teach the fundamentals of improv in a safe and open space, as well as hosting workshops, performing at Carleton and local venues around Ottawa, and taking part in improv summits at other universities throughout Ontario and beyond! If you’ve ever wanted to tell jokes, have fun, and meet new people The CIA is the spot for you. Improve Association Facebook
Carleton International Relations Society The Carleton International Relations Society (CIRS) is a non-partisan, student-run academic society focused on creating an engaging environment where students from all faculties and disciplines can come together to express their passion for international relations. This is accomplished by hosting various events, from political discussion nights to embassy/high commission visits, and a whole lot more! Our goal is not only to educate and expose our members to new and provocative issues within the domain of international affairs, but to also encourage leadership, participation, and success through connections.
Carleton Kendo Club The Carleton Kendo club is a competitive sports club dedicated to learning the Japanese martial art of Kendo. We compete at intercollegiate and national events supported by the Canadian Kendo Federation. We’re a tight-knit group of friends and are always enthusiastic for new members to join us!
Carleton Latter-Day Saint Student Association

The Carleton Latter-day Saint Student Association is an official student organization formed to promote spiritual well-being, foster and strengthen friendships, and uphold Church standards by sponsoring activities and events for the LDS undergraduates at Carleton University. The Carleton LDSSA continually seeks to identify and meet the needs of its current and future members.
Carleton Law And Legal Society A community of students interested in law and legal studies. Instagram: @Carletonlaw
Carleton Marketing Association CMA is a student-run organization whose goal is to bring together those who are interested in exploring the field of marketing. Our goal is to promote the mingling of commerce and non-commerce students to work together to grow their network and participate in business-related events. Instagram: @cmacarleton
Carleton Mechanical and Aerospace Society (CMAS) CMAS is the stream society society for all students in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. While our events are catered to students in these fields, any and all students are welcome to become members. CMAS hosts design and building events, as well as lectures and networking nights featuring industry professionals. CMAS Facebook
Carleton Moot Team The Carleton Moot Team is a competitive undergraduate team arguing appellate cases against teams from other Universities. Through help from other members, partners learn a case chosen for each tournament, and argue it before a panel of judges. Mooting is an activity done often in law school which helps to further legal understanding as well as increase oral advocacy skills, preparation and the art of convincing in a professional setting. The Carleton Moot Team has had tremendous success, winning multiple national undergraduate mooting titles in recent years. The Carleton Moot Team continues this tradition of excellence in order to best prepare our members for further legal education and employment, as well as represent our school throughout the country in undergraduate tournaments. Moot Team Facebook
Carleton Musical Theatre Society The Carleton Musical Theatre Society is the only group at Carleton dedicated to producing full-scale musicals by and for students. For the last five years, CMTS has staged a musical every March, and in November 2019 we performed our first smaller-scale show, bringing our season to two musicals. We also host karaoke nights, cabarets, and other social events for Carleton’s theatre community. If you’re interested in musical theatre, be it onstage, backstage, in the orchestra pit, or in the audience, then there’s a place for you in the CMTS family. Musical Theatre Facebook
Carleton Navigators Sorry, we’re not a sailing club, but we do explore life and faith through study, discussion, volunteering, dancing, gelato & more!

We’re a group of students committed to exploring and discovering life through faith. We are trying to make sense of Jesus and his message and to apply Jesus’ teaching to everyday life. We provide a place where people can invest their time in other people and seek to build genuine community within the university context.

Our regular events include weekly discussion groups, large group gatherings and annual retreats, conferences and volunteer opportunities. We seek to engage the campus in grappling with important questions of life and faith.

Navigators Facebook
Carleton Neuroscience Society We are an undergraduate student society dedicated to holding extracurricular events for students who are interested in neuroscience. Our society is a great opportunity to get involved with people in neuroscience-related programs at Carleton. Neuroscience Society Facebook
Carleton Outdoor Guiding and Mentorship Finding a passion in the core of what has made us as humans successful can be challenging but indefinitely rewarding. Carleton Outdoor Guiding and Mentorship is looking to share what lies in the next lake or over the next hill, while exposing what the true life of an outdoorsman entails. Join a Guide and Mentor in the field or in class for an opportunity to find a way of life that will change yours forever.
Carleton Political Science Society The Carleton Political Science Society is a community for everyone, committed to supporting and growing our members to be professional, critical and empowered political science students. We welcome all Carleton University undergraduate students, whether you are studying political science as your major or minor, have taken or taking political science courses, have an interest in domestic or international politics, or just want to learn a bit more through interactive learning and social engagement. The Carleton Political Science Society welcomes you to a community characterized by high standards and sustainable programs, implemented by an accountable staff in partnership with students, professors and the community. PSS Facebook
Carleton Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club The Carleton Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club aims to educate undergraduate students who want to pursue veterinary medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College or other international institutions. One of our main goals is to educate students on the application process by hosting representatives from various veterinary colleges within Ontario and internationally. In addition, we organize events that introduce students to various animal related volunteer or work opportunities. These events allow students to network with veterinary professionals as well as meet other students who share their goal of becoming a veterinarian. Some previous events that have been organized include tours of the Ottawa Humane Society and wildlife sanctuaries, fundraising events for various animal organizations, and guest speakers who have come to talk to students about their experiences in veterinary medicine. PVMC Facebook
Carleton Quiz and Trivia Association We are Carleton’s Quizbowl Team. We meet at least once a week to play Quizbowl and other forms of Trivia and we occasionally compete in Quizbowl Tournaments against other schools. QTA Facebook
Carleton Ravens Men’s Lacrosse The Carleton University Ravens Lacrosse Club was formed in 1986 to play in the first Ontario University Field Lacrosse Association spring tournament at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. The Ravens now compete in the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA). CUFLA is an emerging league and has many opportunities for young players. Playing at Carleton offers our players an opportunity to receive top quality education while playing high level lacrosse. More and more top quality players, including some NLL players, enter the league each year, enhancing the competition.

While winning is important to every competitive athlete; we are concerned with the development of the student as a whole, and not solely as a lacrosse player. We are committed to fostering a sense of discipline and dedication both on the field and in the classroom. We take pride in seeing our players develop and excel on the field and succeed in their academic pursuits. There has been a great heritage of successful lacrosse players at Carleton. Our Alumni include players who went on to professional lacrosse in the NLL: Jason Tasse (Ottawa Rebel), Shaydon Santos (San Jose Stealth), Kevin Dostie (Calgary Roughnecks and Buffalo Bandits), and Ty Logan (New England Blackwolves)

The club offers its members a seamless year of lacrosse; an opportunity to play Canada’s official national summer sport from September to April. Our pre-season begins with a training camp one week before classes begin in late August and then our CUFLA season commences the first weekend of September. The team practices three evenings per week, with games on weekends. We play 10 conference games against other teams in the East division, with an extra playoff game at the end of the season to qualify for the Baggataway Cup Championship. The Baggataway Cup consists of the top 6 teams in the league.playing cross-divisional elimination games in a weekend tournament until a National champion is crowned. The Club then organizes a year-end banquet, where we recognize the outstanding players on the team. On Friday nights from mid-November to March, the team hosts a non-contact league for the lacrosse community and Carleton student body in the Carleton Field house.
Carleton Ravens Men’s Ultimate Team The Men’s Ultimate Frisbee program consists of two teams who share the same practice and tournament schedules. One team (A) is highly competitive, while the other (B) focuses on teaching the game and developing its players to hopefully advance onto the A team eventually. Both teams are committed to demonstrating the spirit of sportsmanship while putting their best efforts forward during practices and games.

The game of Ultimate is highly inclusive, we welcome EVERYONE to attend our tryouts regardless of experience level, some of our most talented current players joined us with little to no experience at all. Follow our social media (@ravensultimate) to stay up to date on our tryout information or to ask any questions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

As this program is a competitive club, we ask our members to commit to two practices a week, 6 tournaments throughout the school year and some (minimal) finances to cover your uniform and team fees. Though it may seem like a large commitment, we truly believe the experience of being part of something at Carleton makes the University experience incredibly more enjoyable. The bonds and friendships you can create from being on a team might just last the rest of your life.

Part of our program’s goal is to not only attract new players to our teams, but also introduce them to the greater Ultimate Frisbee community. This sport is growing extremely fast and can be found at a recreational level in almost any City or Town. We hope that our players fall in love with the sport as we have and encourage them to play recreational or competitively outside of Carleton. Locally, the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA) offers numerous opportunities that many of our players participate in. Some are so involved in the Ultimate Community they volunteer at tournaments or youth engagement events.

Instagram: @ravensultimate
Carleton Ravens Quidditch Team Want to play a high paced, truly unique, and competitive sport? Quidditch is a mix between rugby, basketball, dodgeball, hockey, and wrestling. Quidditch is full contact and is open to all genders of all sizes. You can either decide to be apart of the competitive roster where we travel and compete against other Universities or you can decide to be on our practice roster and join us on the weekends. With 21 teams across Canada and over 40 national teams in the world, Quidditch is a sport that can get you connected around the whole world. Quidditch is a great way to stay fit and to make some really close friends. The Quidditch community is the best in sports and they welcome you with open arms. There is no harm in trying out just to say that you have done it! Instagram: @ravensquidditch
Carleton Ravens Swim Team The Carleton Swim Team is open to all students with competitive swimming experience. Swim Team Facebook
Carleton Research and Marketing Society The Carleton Research and Marketing Society is a student led business that provides student businesses and clubs with research consultations and marketing services to properly scale and brand your business to your company’s/club’s individual needs. With providing over 50+ different services, we offer custom promotional material services such as custom posters/business cards, t-shirts, canvas banners, and so much more. At CRAMS we are “Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders™.”
Carleton Ringette Team We are a competitive ringette team playing at the open A and University Level Instagram: @ravensringette
Carleton Rukh Young, ambitious, and motivated Ukrainian-Canadians who strive to spread reliable information about the current political and military struggle of Ukraine against the Russian hybrid aggression. Rukh Facebook
Carleton Signs We’re a club dedicated to all ASL students at Carleton University! We want to support you in learn ASL both in and out of the classroom by running weekly social events! Carleton Signs Facebook
Carleton Sri Lankan Student Alliance The Carleton Sri Lankan Student Alliance seeks to connect people of Sri Lankan roots in a club at Carleton and create an inclusive Carleton community. CSLSA Facebook
Carleton Stem Cell Club CU Stem Cell Club is a chapter of the Stem Cell Club. We work towards improving the quality and quantity of membership on Canada’s stem cell donor database by improving the chance that patients in need of stem cell transplantation will find the one match they need to save their lives. Our club trains students to advocate for patients in need of stem cell transplant and to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Instagram: @custemcellclub
Carleton Student Run Club The Carleton Student Run Club (CSRC) welcomes runners of all stripes from beginners lacing up their first pair of running shoes to the marathon veteran for fun runs to meet other runners in the Carleton community. Our weekly 5 km running routes take advantage of the beautiful settings surrounding Carleton University that lets you explore the area for the first time or maybe a second time through a new lens.

We all know exercise is good for the body but it is also good for the mind. So come out for a run and let us take your breath away.

Student Run Club Facebook
Carleton Students for Justice in Palestine SJP is a social justice initiative that works to promote awareness for Palestinian issues and human rights. We have a commitment to public service efforts which seek to better the lives of Palestinians impacted by the conflict. Instagram: @sjpcarleton
Carleton Tabletop Gaming Club The Carleton Tabletop Club is dedicated to creating a safe space for Carleton students to meet and play board games, war games and tabletop roleplaying games with other Carleton students with similar interests. Tabletop Gaming Club Facebook
Carleton Taekwondo Club For students who have
Carleton Ukrainian Students’ Club Carleton Ukrainian Students’ Club welcomes Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians who are interested in learning about and sharing the culture, community and history of Ukraine.

Each year we host various Ukrainian-themed events such as: koliada (carolling nights), movie nights, political awareness initiatives, and our most anticipated event of the year – the annual spring perogy night.

Whether you are looking for new friends, hoping to maintain Ukrainian language/customs, learn more about your heritage and Eastern Europe, raise political awareness, or simply just have fun and eat varenyky, we would be excited to welcome you!

Carleton Ukrainians is a member of SUSK, the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union.

CUSC Facebook
Carleton Undergraduate Economics society (CUES) Our goal is to create an inclusive community for economics students. We put on social and Academic events. Reach out to any of our execs with questions you might have! Instagram: @carleton_cues
Carleton University – People’s Party of Canada The CUPPC is the student-run political party affiliate of the People’s Party of Canada at Carleton University. Our goal is to bring together students who support the core messages and policies of the People’s Party of Canada. Our organization hosts weekly meetings regarding party affairs, campus events, and Canadian politics in general. In addition, we host social events such as pub nights, invited speakers, and documentary screenings for our members. In the past, we have participated in campus events such as Model Parliament, political club debates, Clubs Fest, Clubs Expo, and Carleton’s “get out the vote” campaign. During the 2019 federal election, CUPPC members volunteered for the Carleton, Ottawa-South, and Ottawa-Centre PPC candidates. If you want to have uncensored political discussions, promote federal policies that put Canada first, and be part of a growing chorus of young people calling for a new way forward for Canada, join us! Please contact us if you have questions! PPC Facebook
Carleton University Actuarial Science club Welcome to the Actuarial science club. We offer students study material and help for exams while also providing huge networking possibilities.
Carleton University Badminton Club The Carleton University Badminton Team is for students who are looking to improve their skills and hopefully compete in tournaments. Practices are held a few times weekly with training sessions from our coaches. Badmiton Club Website
Carleton University Bangladeshi Students’ Association (CUBSA) This club is focused towards Bangladeshi culture and people. CUBSA Facebook
Carleton University Baseball Official baseball club of Carleton University competing in the OUA. Instagram: @curavensbaseball
Carleton University Biology Society The Carleton University Biology Society provides and fosters a community where students within the Department of Biology as well as students with an interest in biology can interact and discuss current topics in Biology, and to act as a resource for students to engage in both social and professional opportunities within the department and the field of biology. CUBS Facebook
Carleton University Biomedical Engineering Society (CUBES) CUBES is an academic society for biomedical engineering students. We host study sessions, hospital tours, prof talks, and social events. CUBES Facebook
Carleton University Blueprint CUBlueprint builds technology for social good! We work with nonprofits to build beautiful products to empower communities!
Carleton University Chinese Students’ Association The organization shall work towards: Help Chinese students to adapt to the life of studying abroad. Let them find a home in Carleton. To spread Chinese culture and contribute to the cultural diversity of the world.
Carleton University Commonwealth Student Association The Carleton University Commonwealth Student Association strives to educate, advocate, and promote youth in the Commonwealth. CUCSA Facebook
Carleton University Criminology and Criminal Justice Society Designed and tailored to help students with networking, career options, extra-curricular events. CUCCJS Facebook
Carleton University Dance Crew So you think you can’t dance? YOU CAN! Join us as we learn different styles and routines! Everything that we do goes towards our Dance Showcase every March! It gets bigger and bigger every year! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be apart of it!

Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the ATRIUM (4th floor UC) from 8-10pm.

Dance Crew Facebook
Carleton University Debate and Speech For the past 20 years, Carleton University Debate and Speech (CUDS) has established a legacy as one of the most inclusive and competitive debate societies in the country, routinely beating Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale and Oxford and winning major national and international competitions. CUDS is also one of the only clubs in North America that is highly inclusive, as the club prides itself on making debate accessible to all by covering costs to compete at debate tournaments near and far. Anyone can join, regardless of experience! Debate and Speech Facebook
Carleton University Diversity in Neuroscience (CU-DNS) For the diversity in neuroscience society, our aim is to provide a safe space for marginalized people, such as people of colour, people with disabilities, as well as the LGBTQ+ community who are interested in learning about the world of neuroscience and mental health. Although our aim is to support marginalized people, we welcome everyone, no matter what race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexuality, or gender identityyou are. Also, another major goal is to focus on mental health and we hope to do this through events in the future. CU-DNS Facebook
Carleton University Engiqueers Carleton University Engiqueering (CUE) is Carleton University’s society for LGBTQ+ engineers, however all are welcome. We run a mix of social and educational events throughout the year, as well as promoting inclusivity in the faculty of Engineering. Engiqueers Facebook
Carleton University Exchange Association The goal of this club is to ensure that all incoming exchange students to Carleton have an amazing and memorable experience here in Canada. We organize fun events throughout the year, so the students have the opportunity to meet new people, experience Canadian culture and create lifelong friendships. Exchange Association Facebook
Carleton University Field Hockey Club The Carleton University Field Hockey Club provides students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, make social connections, and live a healthy lifestyle through the sport of field hockey. During the fall semester our team plays in a local outdoor league while in the winter semester we play in an indoor league. With team practices and a competitive league, this club provides an excellent atmosphere to develop field hockey skills. Tryouts are held in the first two weeks of the fall semester. If you love field hockey and are looking for a fun environment to make friends, this is the club for you!
Carleton University Filipino Students’ Association Carleton University Filipino Students’ Association (CUFSA) focuses on upholding Filipino cultures and traditions while promoting diversity within the Carleton community. We also strive to provide a space that is inclusive to all students. The highlights of our club initiatives include the Filipinotes: Karaoke Night, 3v3 Basketball Tournament, and Talakayan: Panel Discussion. These initiatives not only foster Filipino culture and traditions in Ottawa but also further expand chapter growth for the organization. Instagram: @cufsa
Carleton University Firearms Association The Carleton University Firearms Association (CFA) is a student-run club based out of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. The CFA’s mandate is to promote firearms education, the shooting sports, and provide students with an opportunity to experience firearms in a safe and educated manner. We are a non-partisan club that provides students with firearms information and to help develop the next generation of knowledgeable Canadian firearms owners. CFA Facebook
Carleton University FIRST Alumni Association As an official FIRST Alumni Collegiate Group, we provide resources and assistance to University and College students that previously participated in a FIRST program, helping them make the transition to become Coaches, Mentors, and Volunteers, giving back to the community and helping to foster the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and artists. We also maintain close relationships with teams and event planning committees across Eastern Ontario to provide as much support as possible and ensure continued growth in the region.
Carleton University Fitness Society Carleton University Fitness Society aims to reach out people who are interested in fitness, to encourage other people to start living a healthy life and to increase the life quality of the members. Our society’s mission is to promote exercising and living a healthy life and our vision is to increase the number of people who adapt exercising and eating healthy into their lives. Instagram: @cu__fit
Carleton University Ghanaian Students Association The go-to club for everything Ghana on campus, striving to connect the community and share the culture with all. Contact us to see how you can get involved. Instagram: @cughsa
Carleton University Greek Council Carleton University Greek Council (CUGC) is the primary governing body of the Greek community at Carleton University. We are responsible for planning social & philanthropic events during the year. CUGC Facebook
Carleton University Japanese Association CUJA is a club that provides a social and academic platform for people learning or interested in learning Japanese. For incoming Japanese exchange students we provide an environment where they can socialize openly with others through games and activities organized by CUJA during its events, and likewise an opportunity for their Canadian counterparts to meet Japanese students. CUJA Facebook
Carleton University Journalism Society The Carleton Journalism Society is an inclusive, student-run group designed to represent the interests of journalism students. We strive to create positive interaction among journalism students and represent j-schoolers in and outside of the Carleton community.
We offer advice and support to new journalism students through our mentorship program, bring in guest speakers to inspire and engage students on a professional level, and organize
j-school apparel and exciting social events (such as our annual dodgeball tournament, formals, etc.) that allow journalism students to stay connected. We also launched an internal and external writing competition, dubbed “Project J,” which partnered with organizations such as CTV Ottawa, Black Press Media, and Ottawa Life Magazine to give students the opportunity to have their work professionally published.
CUJS Facebook
Carleton University Kayak Club The Carleton University Kayak Club (CUKC) is a recreational kayaking club that allows new and experienced white water kayakers within Carleton University and the community of Ottawa to connect with each other. The main goal of the club is to provide affordable and accessible kayaking to students of Carleton University. No experience required, and we love to welcome beginners into our club! CUKC teaches lessons at the Carleton Pool, and we love to get out on the river! Kayak Club Facebook
CARLETON UNIVERSITY KOREAN AND INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY (CUKIS) Carleton University Korean and International Society (CUKIS) is a social club for K-lovers including Korean BBQ, Norae Bang, drama, pop, & kimchi making! We host korean language study nights, korean movie nights, Panel discussions regarding the culture and history of South Korea in collaboration with the Korean culture center and the Korean embassy in Ottawa.
You DON’T have to be Korean to join our club. It is an inclusive club and we would be very glad if you can join us.
CUKIS Facebook
Carleton University Math Society Our main focus is to bring together students in mathematics and related programs who may not otherwise get to meet each other. As well, we work towards exposing the interesting side of mathematics, be it from a discussion between fellow students in our society, or from a colloquium presented by an expert in their field.
Carleton University Men’s Rugby The Ravens Men’s Rugby team was formed in 2016. Currently, we compete in the Scholar’s League against University sides in Quebec and Ontario. In the 2018 and 2019 seasons, the Carleton Ravens Men’s Rugby team were back-to-back Scholar’s League Champions posting an overall 11-1 record. Men’s Rugby Facebook
Carleton University Muslim Students’ Association We are the Muslim Students’ campus resource for all things pertaining to our faith. We are are committed to serve the Muslim student body on campus by representing Carleton’s Muslim student body, encourage civic engagement, raise awareness about Islam, and organize event and services. Instagram: @carletonmsa
Carleton University New Democrats The Carleton NDP is a group of progressive leftist youth which represents the New Democratic Party of Canada and Ontario on the campus of Carleton University, in Ottawa. New Democrats Facebook
Carleton University Nigerian Student’s Association CUNSA focuses on promoting and investing in the beauty of Nigeria and Africa through education, knowledge, diversity, inclusivity and creativity.
Carleton University Panhellenic Council (informally known as Carleton Sororities) We are a group overseeing Carleton University’s three Panhellenic international sororities: Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Delta Phi Epsilon. Joining a Panhellenic international sorority allows members to become part of a smaller community of dynamic, diverse womxn. Each of the three Panhellenic sororities are unique, and no matter what your past experiences, interests, and goals, you’ll likely find a sorority that you can call home. Our members make the most of their university experiences – complete with meaningful friendships that last through graduation and beyond, thanks to an extensive network of alumnae across North America. From friendships to academics, community involvement to leadership, our sororities offer womxn a place to belong while making their mark on campus. Instagram: @carletoncsororities
Carleton University Philosophy The Carleton University Philosophy Society exists to bring together all Carleton students who have an interest in philosophy. Philosophy Facebook
Carleton University Photography Club The Carleton University Photography Club is a fun and engaging way to interact with fellow photographers with other student photographers! Our goal is to foster and support the growing network of camera enthusiasts and aficionados here at Carleton. We engage in both educational and recreational meetings with the goal of giving practical experience to anyone that is interested.

Join us as we discover new and interesting areas in Ottawa during our PhotoWalk events or learn to the aspects of what makes a great photo to spruce up your account or portfolio! Network with both experienced snappers and up-and-coming novices within a relaxing and friendly community of fellow students.

Just starting out or still wondering if photography is for you? Don’t worry, our executives will take the time to help you grow so that you can take photos confidently no matter the place or time!

Instagram: @carletonuphoto
Carleton University Physics Society The Carleton University Physics Society is a student run society which represents undergraduate physics students at Carleton. We hold a number of events open to everyone throughout the year including Pizza And A Prof which invites members of the physics faculty to come and give short presentations about interesting topics in physics followed by pizza and discussions with students. We also host other fun events such as trivia nights and in the past have sent some students to visit the SNOLAB facility in Sudbury. This year we will be moving our events online and will work towards creating a fun and welcoming environment for all physics students despite the restrictions from Covid-19. Physics Society Facebook
Carleton University Power to Change Power to Change – Students is a movement of evangelism and discipleship dedicated to changing the world by helping students discover Jesus, experience the Holy Spirit, and inspire others to do the same! We long for the day when no student would graduate without engaging in the life-changing message of Jesus. Join us for prayer, evangelism training, discipleship, and fellowship. P2C Facebook
Carleton University Pre Dental Society The Carleton Pre Dental Society is an organization aimed to help pre-dental students accomplish their dreams of becoming a Dentist. We provide information sessions, volunteer programs, speaker events with Dentists in our community, and more to educate students about the career of Dentistry and the admissions process into Dental school. Carleton Pre Dental Society – Future as bright as our smiles! Pre Dental Society Facebook
Carleton University Provincial Young Liberals The youth branch of the Provincial Liberal party Provincial Young Liberals Facebook
Carleton University Relay for Life Carleton University Relay for Life is a year-long campaign that encourages the Carleton community to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. It culminates in an annual event where members of the Ottawa and Carleton community come together in support of those impacted by cancer and to celebrate their philanthropic achievements with food, entertainment, interactive activities, and inspirational speakers. Over the past ten years Carleton University’s Relay for Life event has managed to raise over $1,000,000 towards cancer research making it one of the largest post-secondary events in Canada. Relay for Life Facebook
Carleton University Ski and Snowboard Club We like snow!!!!! Weekly trips to Mont Tremblant, on campus jib park, other off-campus events and a certified good time 😎 CUSSC Facebook
Carleton University Student French Association (CUSFA) L’association des étudiantes et étudiants en français Are you a student in a French program (BA or Minor) or simply a francophile ? CUFSA is the place to be ! Join us for fun events, workshops, academic support, career seminars and much more. What are you waiting for ? Get in touch now. Instagram: @cusfa_association_etudiante
Carleton University Students for Scholars at Risk (CUSFSAR) Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of higher education institutions dedicated to protecting threatened scholars, and promoting academic freedom worldwide. Carleton Students for Scholars at Risk (CUSFSAR) dedicates its mandate to supporting the general cause of SAR at Carleton University and in Ottawa. Our club achieves such goals by organizing fundraisers which contribute to the SAR initiative at Carleton University, and increasing awareness on the importance of academic freedom in scholarship. Our executives and members collectively participate in planning and coordinating Academic talks, debates, and panel discussions which discuss the notion of academic freedom in Canada and the world. CUSFSAR unites the academic community within Carleton University towards a greater cause of increasing transparency within academia and protecting those who do so. CUSFSAR Facebook
Carleton University Study of Serial KIllers Club Our group works towards connecting individuals who share an interest in interesting criminal cases, promoting interest in significant or interesting serial killers throughout history, connecting individuals with an interest in criminal law and in criminal history, promoting interest in the legality and legal proceedings that follow criminal cases, and promoting interest in the fields of Criminology and Law. CUSSKC Facebook
Carleton University Tamil Students Association CUTSA is an inclusive club that strives to bring the Tamil culture to Carleton University through interactive events and initiatives. We strive to educate our peers and members of our community of the Tamil culture by hosting events where people can socialize and enjoy their time. We also focus on shining light on not only issues within our community, but standing up for other injustices and strive to create a space not only for Tamil people, but a safe space for everyone. We hosted movie nights, de-stressors during exam seasons, game nights, and many more!
Carleton University Trap & Skeet Team Our club provides a safe and welcoming environment for students to learn about and experience the shotgun sports. The club also provides the opportunity for students to engage at a competitive level with coached team practices and inter-university competitions. Trap & Skeet Team Facebook
Carleton University Troitsky Bridge Carleton University Troitsky Bridge is a design team that competes with other university’s teams in a bridge building competition. The competition is held at Concordia University in Montreal every March. Carleton sends about 6 teams to compete. We build large scale bridges over a meter long out of Popsicle sticks, white glue and dental floss. Then we present them to a panel of industry professional judges. And test how much point load they can withstand before failure. Troitsky Bridge Facebook
Carleton University Turkish Students Association (CUTSA) First of all, welcome to Carleton University Turkish Students Association (CUTSA).

We look forward to you joining in the fun. CUTSA was founded to promote greater interaction among Turkish youth and students across Canada. Our mission is to create opportunities for discovering our common interests and to work together to consolidate our Turkish cultural heritage, as well as, enhance general awareness of the Turkish culture in Canada.

Instagram: @turkishstudentscu
Carleton University Women’s Water Polo Club The Carleton University Women’s Water Polo Club participates in the National Collegiate Water Polo (NCWP) League from September to November. The club trains 5 times a week during the fall semester and twice a week in the winter.
Carleton University Young Liberals This is an opportunity to get involved with the Liberal party on Campus Young Liberals Facebook
Carleton Volleyball Club Our club is an awesome opportunity to meet new people and play volleyball at the same time! We offer drop in gym days for evenings where you can come in and play pickup volleyball with people of your skill level, and eventually we hope to offer a competitive league of sorts as well as hosting learning lessons to play volleyball.
Carleton Women in Palaeontology Our goal is to create an inclusive community of women and gender minority palaeobiologists at Carleton University studying palaeobiology. We strive to support our members’ intersecting identities and recognize the importance of building palaeontology into a field welcoming of all dimensions of personal identity. We are building a network of mentorship and collaboration to support each other as we navigate a field built for cisgender heterosexual men. Women in Palaeontology Facebook
Carleton Women Interested In Medicine and Health On behalf of Carleton Women Interested in Medicine and Health, we would like to offer you the opportunity of joining numerous female students at Carleton who share a common interest in the field of Healthcare. We offer many activities such as how to prep for the MCAT, asking questions to a Med-applicant and how to find opportunities to spend time within our community, associated with medicine and health care. If you are someone who would like to have a study buddy for the MCAT or make new friends with the same interest, then CWIMH is the club for you!
Carleton Women’s Fastpitch Team Carleton Women’s Fastpitch is a team of talented competitive young women. We play games against other universities during the month of September with playoffs occurring in early October. If you love to play the game of fastpitch and want a way to meet new people like yourself then our team is the place for you! Fastpitch Team Facebook
CarletonU Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Club This Yoga and Meditation club offers weekly classes introducing Ananda Marga yoga and meditation while also focusing on deeper aspects of yogic lifestyle and philosophy. AMYMC Facebook
Catholic Christian Outreach Catholic Christian Outreach is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge students to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. CCO Facebook
CITE – Carleton University Student Chapter The CITE Club in Carleton is the student chapter of the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers and we exist to connect students (both undergraduate and postgraduates) with professionals in the transportation engineering industry. CITE Facebook
CU Global Promise CU Global Promise is a Carleton University club that advocates and raises awareness for Human Rights and Social Justice issues. We will have monthly these and events surrounding the theme with a highlight on Indigenous rights. Our main forms of advocacy are through three monthly events: GloHouse, GloTalk, and GloNight. GloHouse is a coffeehouse art show that showcases local artists based on the themes and fundraises for a local organization. GloTalk is an informal talk with a professor or academic in the area we are focusing on and is open to all members of the community to attend, talk, and ask questions. Finally, GloNight is a film or documentary screening with a follow up discussion on the social justice issues and themes in the film. This club is intersectional, inclusive, and open to everyone! Instagram: @cuglobalpromise
CU Green Party Club The CU Green Party Club brings aims together Carleton students who are passionate about Green politics. All of our activities as a club are rooted in the 6 Global Green principles of non-violence, sustainability, social justice, ecological wisdom, participatory democracy, and respect for diversity. Our goals are to promote the Green Party on campus and to participate in events oriented towards politics and social justice. Green Party Club Facebook
CU Hiding CU Hiding is a fun, inclusive club where students of all ages and in all programs can get together to enjoy the cool, refreshing taste of Hide and Seek! We host a variety of games from our childhoods, such as Hide and Seek, Manhunt, Sardines, and more, all taking place in and around the Carleton campus! CU Hiding Facebook
CU InSpace CU InSpace is Carleton’s rocket engineering team that designs, builds, and tests a high powered rocket each year for flight at the Spaceport America Cup Rocketry Competition in New Mexico. We develop the structures, propulsion systems, avionics, parachute systems, and a CubeSat payload for the rocket each year. Students joining CU InSpace experience a wide variety of real-world engineering challenges throughout the year, ultimately better preparing our team members for their futures as engineers. CU InSpace Facebook
CU Smile We are ‘CU Smile’, a philanthropic club based at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We find ways to put a smile on people’s face while giving back to our community, locally and globally. We’ve held many initiatives over the years, such as: Feeding the homeless, clothes donations, helping the less fortunate in our community in any way shape or form. For a more cohesive list of our events check out our Instagram page. Instagram: @cu_smile_
cuHacking As Carleton’s largest hackathon, cuHacking is a student community of innovators, leaders, and creators. We host events catered towards everyone interested in tech. Whether it be learning a new skill, making industry connections, or meeting new friends, there’s an opportunity for everyone. Discord Invite
CUSA The Movement Unleashed Pentecostal young adults ministry. We have monthly worship celebrations, connect groups and outreach every month The Movement Facebook
CUSC Gaming (Carleton University Strategy Club) CUSC Gaming, formerly Carleton University Strategy Club, is Carleton’s oldest and greatest traditional games club! We’ve hosted weekly board game nights since 1970 and have amassed a diverse collection of games that you’re free to explore. CUSC Facebook
Department of Electronics Society The Department of Electronics Society is an academic and social society that represents students in the streams of Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics and Sustainable Renewable Energy Engineering stream A. This society exists to enrich and assist engineering students in their studies as well as their social lives by organizing and hosting workshops and events. DES Facebook
Developer Student Clubs – Carleton Student run community supported by Google Developers initiative that combines in class theory with access to modern development tools and platforms (Things like Google Cloud, Tensorflow, Dialogflow etc.) and speakers from both Google Developers and the wider industry. DSC Facebook
Diversity Unity Service Transformation A group of eager individual looking to engage in deep, meaningful, and spiritual conversations with reference to the Baha’i Faith Teachings DUST Facebook
Egyptian Student Association The Egyptian Students Association is a club founded in 2011 with the goal of representing Egyptian culture in North America. We aim to bring North African and Middle Eastern students together through social and cultural events, as well as to integrate our values of inclusivity and companionship into the Carleton community and Canadian society. Through our work we continue to raise funds for movements and charities close to our heart while guaranteeing a fun and safe space for everyone to come together. Instagram: @esacu
Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy ELSE Carleton is an advocacy group dedicated to educating and connecting the solar industry with the general public of Ottawa. We host a variety of events such as coffeehouses, panel talks and various fundraisers. ELSE Carleton is closely affiliated with ELSE Canada, who are a nation-wide and non-profit organization which provides mentor ship and networking opportunities for anyone interested in being part of the solar movement. ELSE Facebook
Enactus Carleton Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders that is enabling progress through entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Enactus members share the ability to see opportunity everywhere. It’s our objective to discover resources that are not utilized and shape them into business models that stimulate local economies. We rally the energy, ideas and passion of Canada’s best and brightest students who see business as a way to address social issues. Enactus Carleton Facebook
European and Russian Studies Society We are an academic society which aims to promote political, historical, cultural, and linguistic education to Undergraduates and Graduates at Carleton University.
We organize : Guest speaker events, foreign dignitaries, social events, embassy visits, networking events.
ERSS Facebook
Food Science Student Society The Food Science Student Society supports all Food Science students and strives to promote a collective positive community to encourage personal, social, and intellectual growth!! FSSS Facebook
FPGA Club The FPGA Club was created with the help from the Systems and Computer Engineering department to help students who are curious about hardware and logic circuit development.

The main goal is provide students with; an environment, lessons and hardware, for them develop self driven projects using Field Progammable Gate Arrays ( FPGA ).

FPGA Facebook
Game Design Carleton We design and build video games Game Design Facebook
Gothic Lolita Club A club for lolita fashion, not the literature “Lolita”.
Heart of the City Piano Program ​The mission of the Heart of the City Piano Program (HCPP) is simple: make music accessible to every child.

The study of music is costly and often inaccessible to youth who are economically disadvantaged. We strive to allow these children to discover music by providing them with piano lessons given at their school by volunteers.

Presently, the Ottawa branch of the program includes five schools from the public school board system.

HCPP not only teaches the students an instrument, but it also teaches them a means of self-expression, communication and instills self-confidence.

We need your help to succeed!
Her Campus Carleton Her Campus Carleton is Carleton’s #1 source for lifestyle news, culture, style, wellness and more. Her Campus is an international publication with over 380 chapters worldwide and we encourage anyone interested in writing and getting their work published to reach out to see how you can get involved. Is writing not your cup of tea? We also hold fun and engaging events throughout the year. Come out and see what we’re all about! Instagram: @hccarleton
Hillel Ottawa Hillel Ottawa’s mission is to enrich the lives of all our Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. Hillel Ottawa’s student leaders, staff, and lay leaders are dedicated to creating a pluralistic, welcoming, and inclusive environment for Jewish students. Hillel Ottawa helps students find a balance between being distinctively Jewish and universally human by encouraging them to pursue tzedek (social justice), tikkun olam (repairing the world), Jewish learning, and to support Israel and global Jewish peoplehood. Hillel Ottawa is committed to excellence, innovation, accountability, and results.
History Undergraduate Society (HUgS) The History Undergraduate Society (HUgS) is for any Carleton University students who are interested in history. We’re primarily a social group for majors, minors and enthusiasts who want to talk and mingle with other like-minded history buffs. Regular “HUgS and Tea” are laid back events like movie nights, trivia, board games, and more! They also allow you the opportunity to discuss your essays and class work and your historical interests in general with our HUgS executives, professors, and fellow history fanatics. HUgS Facebook
HOLAS-Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students HOLAS is a student run humanitarian organization that educates about current events and issues faced in Latin America, whilst promoting Latin American culture.
The organization raises funds and educates people about latin culture, HOLAS helps different causes in Latin America and the latino community in Ottawa.
Instagram: @h.o.l.a.s
IEEE Carleton University IEEE (pronounced Eye-triple-E) used to be short for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, but it no longer stands for anything. Despite what it used to stand for, IEEE is heavily involved with all aspects of engineering. The Carleton University Student Branch provides many services which you will find beneficial such as workshops, technical presentations, career networking events, and more. Some of our stand-out events include SPAC (Student Professional Awareness Conference), WIE (Women in Engineering) Wine and Cheese, SLAM (Stay Late And Make) workshops, and Battle Royale (our annual inter-branch LAN party and gaming tournament). You are not only invited to attend these events, but you can also help us organize them and show prospective employers that you have what it takes to succeed. IEEE Slack
Ignite Adventist Christian Fellowship Our mission, as Ignite ACF, is to light the spiritual fire of the Carleton student body. We aim to be a strong group of Christian leaders on our campus by presenting a Christ-like love throughout the community. We aim to uplift and motivate students to reach their fullest potential, which we will accomplish by building healthy relationships and actively promoting the growth of our members. We value integrity, loyalty, mental health as well as academic achievement. Instagram: @igniteacf
Illuminé Illuminé is a Christian campus ministry that engages culture, one meal at a time. With film nights, book clubs, guest speakers, and socials, young adults gather together weekly for a fantastic (and FREE) meal and a chance to feed their body, mind, and soul.
Insight at CU Insight at CU is a campus club building a community of like-minded students, with a passion for international development. As a club we host events ranging from through the topics of sustainability, international development and more. Additionally, we are continuing to grow our footprint through the Ottawa community by building an Outreach program with Ottawa high schools. With this will assist in facilitating workshops to help enforce the discussion of international development at an earlier age. Instagram: @insightatcu
Institute of African Studies Student Society The Institute of African Studies Student Society is an academic society of students from many interdisciplinary backgrounds. It is an intellectual space for young Africans and those interested in Africa to actively contribute to the ongoing conversation about Africa and its diaspora IASSS Facebook
International Justice Mission Carleton International Justice Mission is an anti-human trafficking organization that rescues victims of sex and labour trafficking, helps bring healing to survivors and strengthens justice systems. Here at the Carleton chapter, our goal is to help bring awareness to the issues they work on and support the organization in their efforts.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship InterVarsity at Carleton is a place where people of all backgrounds can explore and grow in their relationship with Jesus. We ask our questions about God and search for answers together, welcome people from all over the world into our university family, and share about God’s love and His desire for justice with our campus. We pray together, read Scripture together, and invite those around us to experience Jesus, too. Instagram: @ivcfcarleton
Israel on Campus Israel on Campus celebrates Israel’s diverse, innovative and compassionate spirit. IOC is pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian and pro-peace. We work to promote dialogue by holding fun and informative events to showcase Israel’s flourishing democracy that strives for equality, rights, and freedoms for all peoples. Israel On Campus is a student initiative to build knowledge about Israel and the challenges it faces. We work at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, doing social events, bringing high-profile speakers, and working with students to build a tough, vibrant coalition around the Canada-Israel relationship Israel on Campus Facebook Carleton Carleton works to identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health on our campus. Facebook
JDCC Sprott JDC Central is a three day event that showcases academics, athletics, social spirit, and charity. Delegates compete in academic case competitions, parliamentary style debates, sports tournaments and social competitions. The event allows students to showcase all aspects of university life from school spirit and dedication, to academic skills and teamwork. The team that performs the best overall takes home the prestigious “School of the Year” title.
Journalism and Humanities Society We build a community for the students in the combined journalism and humanities program and we advocate for our specific needs. JHS Facebook
Lebanese Cultural Club The Lebanese Cultural Club consists of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking board members and advisors ready to take the Carleton Lebanese community by storm making. With a mission of solidarity, unity, acceptance and loyalty between the Lebanese community members and the Carleton community as a whole. Whether it is spreading and preserving our very rich culture, or helping new Lebanese comers settle in, or helping students find exciting new job opportunities, or raising money for national and international organizations, or supporting Lebanese businesses, or simply throwing Lebanese parties like no one has ever before, LCC is your ultimate resource where culture meets lifestyle.
Lighthouse@Carleton Lighthouse@Carleton is an organization that aims at inspiring and empowering students all around the carleton campus through the love of God. Instagram: @lighthousechurchottawa
Maghreb United Association Our club aims to do 2 things. First, to promote and introduce the Maghreb’s ancient and rich culture to Carleton’s campus. From dances, art, to food and get togethers! And finally, we aim to provide a space for maghrebis and non-maghrebis alike to socialize and have fun! Instagram: @cu_maghebunited
Motor Racing Enthusiasts of Carleton Our group works towards connecting individuals with an interest and a passion for all kinds of motor racing, from NASCAR to Formula 1, from Karting to the CASC, as well as growing those passions. The Organization also seeks to help individuals gain experience in motor racing, and furthermore vehicle control, through practice at local karting locations. Also to help educate individuals on the nuances and specifics of automobiles and automobile racing. Discord Invite
NAAIS-Carleton (North American Association for Indian Students at Carleton) The purpose of this organization is to support the North American Association of Indian Students, whose mission is to identify, educate, and mobilize students of Indian-origin to foster a thriving community. NAAIS functions as an umbrella organization for India and India-related student societies in the United States and Canada that aims to bring a unified voice of Indian diaspora youth on a single, international platform, promote Indian culture and further the North American and Indian relationship by fostering a dynamic youth-led leadership ecosystem. NAAIS has three key areas of focus:

1. Education: creating opportunities by organizing lectures and discussions on topics and speaker events across affiliated campuses in North America.
2. Advocacy & Awareness: we want to get the voice and issues of Indian students heard.
3. Community building: building a community for Indian students with resources and aid.

Instagram: @naaisorg
Nepalese Student Society Nepalese Students Society is a cultural society representing all the Nepalese students studying at Carleton University. This society is formed to promote Nepalese culture, costume, food, and rituals in an inclusive way. The society aims to give a taste of Nepal to the international and domestic community here at Carleton. The society welcomes people from all around the world to be a part of this society and learn about Nepalese way of life. NSS Facebook
One Campus A place where people can come and encounter the love of Jesus Christ Instagram: @onecampuscmi
Orthodox Christian Fellowship Orthodox Christian Fellowship is a club that meets weekly to study the Bible and maintain an active spiritual life in a secular society. Instagram: @ocfcarleton
Ottawa Ismaili Students Association The Ottawa Ismaili Student’s Association (OISA) is a student group dedicated to developing the physical, academic, social, and cultural well-being of Ismaili post-secondary students in Ottawa, their families and the wider community. With access to a large Post-Secondary student group, the ISAs are in a unique position to educate, encourage and provide resources to their fellow students who will one day be leaders in the wider community, and are forefront in community building and engagement for this segment. ISAs are also a conduit to Institutional support (i.e. mental health, mentorship) for their members and families. The mission of the Ottawa Ismaili Students Association is to enhance the unity and quality of life of ISA members, and the greater community, through educational, social, cultural, recreational, health, civic and leadership activities and services. Doing so effectively and efficiently, in collaboration with partnering institutions and in accordance with the Ismaili principles and ethics.

L’association des étudiants Ismaili d’Ottawa (OISA) est un groupe d’étudiants qui se consacre au développement du bien-être physique, scolaire, social et culturel des étudiants postsecondaires Ismaili en Ottawa, de leurs familles et de la communauté au sens large. Grâce à l’accès à un grand groupe d’étudiants de niveau postsecondaire, les ISA sont dans une position unique pour éduquer, encourager et fournir des ressources à leurs amis étudiants qui deviendront un jour eux-mêmes des leaders dans la communauté au sens large et sont au premier plan de la construction communautaire et dans l’engagement pour ce segment. Les ISA sont également un moyen de soutien institutionnel (santé mentale, mentorat) pour leurs membres et leurs familles. L’objectif de l’Association des étudiants Ismaili d’Ottawa est d’améliorer l’unité et la qualité de vie des membres de l’ISA et de l’ensemble de la communauté par le biais d’activités et de services éducatifs, sociaux, culturels, de loisirs, de santé, civiques et de leadership; le faire de manière efficace et efficiente, en collaboration avec les institutions partenaires et conformément aux principes et à l’éthique Ismaili.

OISA Facebook
OurTurn Carleton A student-led initiative to bring awareness of sexual violence on university campuses. OurTurn provides training to clubs and societies on consent, bystander intervention, and survivor support. OurTurn Carleton Facebook
Pakistani Students’ Association The vision of CUPSA is to create a vibrant and welcoming environment in which there will be events held for the purposes of encouraging Pakistanis and people from
other nations to have fun, meet new people, and get involved within the Carleton University community. The primary focus of the events would be to promote the Pakistani culture. We believe that CUPSA will be a primary destination for Pakistani
engagement, a locus of learning and celebration, a place where individuals and families can encounter Pakistani ideas, principles, and values.
Pakistani Association Facebook
Palestinian Student Association PSA is a cultural association that raises money for charity by hosting events that share the history, culture, and traditions of Palestine. Palestinian Association Facebook
Parks Canada Outdoors Club of Carleton The Parks Canada Outdoors of Carleton is the most stoked group of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen this side of the Pacific Northwest. What we do is run awesome trips that take no gear or experience. Basically, you get the best of the Canadian outdoors, and we do all the work for you. Register today to come along! PCOCC Facebook
Pentecost Students & Associates We exist to lead students and graduates towards a deeper commitment to God in lifestyle and service. We also foster love, unity and fellowship among the students, and associates. Instagram: @capitalpensa
Precious Plastic Carleton University Precious Plastic Carleton is part of an open-source global initiative called Precious Plastic. This initiative aims:To raise awareness of the importance of a sustainable mindset on campus and in our local community, with a focus on Plastic Recycling. Looking at waste/discarded plastics as an asset and an investment. PPCU Facebook
Psychology Society of Carleton University A group of undergraduate students at Carleton University with a passion for Psychology and Mental Health. Our goal is to create a community where like-minded individuals can come together to make friends, learn, grow and have fun. All students are welcome in the Psychology Society. Instagram: @pscarletonu
Ravens Dance Pak Ravens Dance Pak is a competitive team that provides its members with an artistic outlet, where they are encouraged to explore their talent, creativity, and passion in a fun and positive environment! Our team works hard during the year to compete in Canada-wide competitions against numerous University dance teams. We achieve this through holding exciting fundraising events, participating in charity performances, attending weekly rehearsals, and producing our annual showcase! Instagram: @ravensdancepak
RAVEns EDM CLUB Anyone who interests EDM, rave, and DJ culture. Instagram: @curave_ns
Ravens Equestrian Team Recognized as one of Carleton’s Competitive Clubs, the Ravens Equestrian team is dedicated to bringing equestrians of all levels, from novice to serious competitors, together in a fun, dynamic team environment. To allow for the continuing development of our riders, we have an established lesson program with our head coach Taylor Brooks out of Wynbrook Farm. Look for our team as we compete on the Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association (OCEA).
Ravens Racing Ravens Racing is composed of a multi-year, multidisciplinary range of Carleton University engineering students all vying to put forth the theory learned in class towards designing, manufacturing, and testing formula style race cars.
Ravens Squash Team The Ravens Squash Team competes provincially in the Ontario Jesters University League with competitive and supportive men’s and women’s teams. In 2019/2020 we brought home Ontario University Athletics Div.II Gold! Team members commit to weekly practices as well as out-of-town tournaments throughout the season (October-March). Tryouts take place in September of each year.
Roots & Shoots Carleton Roots & Shoots is a club at Carleton University aiming to inspire and empower young people to be globally mindful and locally active. We focus on Jane Goodall’s message of hope, as we believe every individual can make a difference. Our goal is to foster respect and compassion for all living things and to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs. We want to inspire our club members to take action to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment. Instagram: @rootsandshootscarleton
Rotaract Club of Ottawa South Rotaract is a global network of students and young professionals passionate about creating lasting social change in our communities and around the world. We focus on fundraising for service projects, volunteering with local organizations, facilitating professional development, and creating personal connections through fellowship. Our favourite initiatives include our annual coffeehouse fundraiser for emergency disaster relief projects, volunteer opportunities to serve hot meals or clean up community gardens and networking events with our sponsor club. Rotaract Club Facebook
Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company Carleton’s oldest running club and unofficially dubbed as the ‘friendship company’, Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s goal is to create a fun, inclusive and supportive community for those that love theatre in any way, shape or form! Every year, they put on a number of performances on and off campus that vary greatly in content and style. They also host numerous theatre-oriented events and workshops for their community. Anyone is welcome to apply to direct, audition, or volunteer for their shows! Led by two Artistic Directors alongside an Executive Board, SnB works to provide Carleton students with various ways to display their theatrical talents. Sock ‘n’ Buskin Facebook
Somali Education Fund (SEF) The Somali Education Fund (SEF) is an organization of students and/or young people who have come together to make education more accessible for youth in Somalia. We envision a future in which Somali youth can pursue their academic goals without the limitations of financial constraints. We are aware that the path to achieving this vision is long and difficult but every journey begins with a single step. This is ours.

The SEF has connected with a school in Mogadishu which has found 10 children who are especially disadvantaged. Each of these children has lost either one or both of their parents and are being cared for by relatives who struggle to secure basic necessities. Our goal is to support these children until they graduate so that they will be able to support their families in the future and pass on the skills they acquire to the next generation. Our long-term goal is to create an international network of students so that we can aid more children in different cities across the Horn of Africa.

Instagram: @somalieducationfund
Sprott Accounting Students’ Association (SASA) SASA is an organization that aims to help students with prospective employers, develop skills for their career and provide opportunities to interact with fellow members of the Carleton accounting community
Sprott DECA Sprott DECA is an undergraduate case competition organization at Carleton University. Operating under its parent organization, DECA U Canada, the club’s delegation competes in business-themed case competitions both at home and internationally each year.

Delegates at Sprott DECA have access to a professional development program which aims to improve leadership, critical thinking, and presentation skills. At Sprott DECA, we’ll help you create and leverage your own brand in the realm of case cracking so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Since its founding in 2012, Sprott DECA has quickly become Carleton University’s largest case competition clubs.

Sprott DECA offers you the opportunity to refine your presentation skills, learn how to solve real-life business problems, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Sprott DECA Facebook
Sprott International Business Association The Sprott International Business Association is a student-led organization for Bachelor of International Business and Bachelor of Commerce, International Business students.

We run a variety of events and initiatives, all with the goal of improving the students’ academic and networking skills.

Sprott IBA Facebook
Student Energy Carleton Student Energy is a global, not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire youth to lead the world to a more sustainable energy future.

Joining Student Energy Carleton (SEC) allows students to turn ideas into action with access to Student Energy’s extensive resources and a global network of high-level energy actors from industry, governments, academia, and NGOs. Students will get to be part of one of the largest global community of post-secondary students taking action on energy and collaborate with peers from 40+ chapters in 20+ countries around the world.

The Student Energy Chapter at Carleton University (SEC) is the sustainability hub on campus that runs:
– social energy-related discussions & debates
– networking events
– social awareness campaigns related to climate change
– regional summits

As a chapter, SEC is an interdisciplinary, global, non-biased, non-partisan chapter of Student Energy. Our objective is to serve as an interdisciplinary forum for student engagement across disciplines—such as engineering, business, public affairs, and the sciences.

Student Energy Facebook
Students for Liberty Students for Liberty is a global network of campus clubs with the goal of promoting the ideas of liberty and freedom on university campuses. Throughout the year, Students for Liberty hosts talks, events, and discussions. We host these with the aim of changing the way that we think about the role that government plays in our lives. Student for Liberty Facebook
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Society SREE Society is a student society that represents the students in the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering program. The society provides services, academic support, and hosts social events for its members. If you have any questions or would like to join, do not hesitate to send us a message on facebook or instagram! SREES Facebook
Systems and Computer Engineering Society The Carleton Systems and Computer Engineering Society (SCESoc) is a society for the students of the Systems and Computer Engineering Department, which includes Biomedical and Electrical, Communications, Computer Systems, and Software Engineering.

We hold a large variety of events, such as professional and technical skill development workshops, social gatherings, and networking opportunities. Our goal is to help anybody (and everybody) branch out in SCE related fields, and have fun while doing so!

SCES Facebook
TEDxCarletonUniversity In the spirit of TED (a non-profit organization), TEDxCarletonUniversity holds a primary mission of sharing knowledge and changing perspectives by giving people within the Carleton Community a platform to spread ideas which are worth sharing. With the help of its executive and general members, TEDxCarletonUniversity dedicates its time and resources towards planning and organizing Carleton University’s very own annual TEDx sponsored event, which will present a variety of multidisciplinary talks. Additionally, our club will also continually contribute towards community engagement initiatives by holding virtual workshops and panel discussions. Instagram: @tedxcarletonuniversity
Tespa Carleton We at Tespa Carleton are devoted to fostering a community where gaming is celebrated by people of all ages, recognized as a force for good, and used to connect gamers on campus. We do this by hosting amazing events, putting together competitive esports teams, and creating opportunities for our members to develop skills and connect with industry professionals.
Tespa Carleton League of Legends Club the league of legends community at Carleton TESPA: League of Legends Facebook
The Armenian Students’ Association The Armenian Students’ Association (ASA) is a socio-cultural club recognized by Carleton University Student Association (CUSA). The ASA, as a non profit and non religious academic club, will welcome as a member any student ASA Facebook
The Midnight Club Our goal is to promote healthy study habits, providing enjoyable & food-filled work spaces for students on campus late at night. Instagram: @cu_themidnightclub
UNICEF Carleton UNICEF Carleton is a club that collaborates with and empowers students to make a difference in their community and worldwide by advocating and fundraising for a child’s right to be a child. UNICEF Carleton Facebook
United Nations Society The United Nations Society is Carleton University’s premiere Model United Nations team. We are one of the top ranked Canadian Model United Nations team, with a competitive presence across North America.

Model United Nations is a simulation of global diplomacy over pressing world issues. From climate change to nuclear weapons, our team travels across the continent to debate and solve issues pertinent to our global community.

United Nations Society Facebook
Venezuelan Students Association VENSA shall work towards welcoming students who are interested in raising awareness for Venezuelan matters; to create a home for Venezuelan students within the campus, to educate and inform members about issues relevant to Venezuela, to organize events to raise awareness and fundraise for Venezuela, to participate in and encourage the development of the Venezuelan-Canadian community which abides by the rule of law and democratic and humanitarian principles, & to Reinforce and maintain the Venezuelan culture alive within the community. Instagram: @vensa.carleton
Vietnamese Student Association Carleton University A student-run club at Carleton University that aims to promote the Vietnamese culture, and gather students of Vietnamese (and non-Vietnamese) descent. Instagram: @aevsaott
Visual Arts Carleton Visual Arts Carleton is a casual, friendly space to put your stressors aside and do some art (no skills or cash required). Each week we work on different art projects and hang out. Looking to make new friends? Interested in honing your skills? Just want to chill out? Our weekly meetings will take you to every corner of the art world⁠—from printmaking to birdhouse painting. So why not come say hey? Visual Arts Facebook
Voices Against Violence Voices Against Violence is an organization aimed at reducing gender-based violence while also raising awareness about rape culture both on and off Carleton campus. This is done through multiple fundraising events, including a production of the Vagina Monologues. Proceeds from these events go towards the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre. Voices Against Violence Facebook
We Carleton WE Carleton is a direct affiliate of on of Canada’s large non-profit organizations, Me To We. Together, we aim to make a difference in our global community through fundraising and events to support WE villages around the world! We Carleton Facebook
WUSC Carleton WUSC Carleton is a local committee (LC) of the World University Service of Canada. We aim to provide an inclusive community for student refugees on our campus, and advocate for a better world through education. WUSC is a network of students, faculty, development professionals, and volunteers. Several university campuses across Canada (including Carleton) have a Local Committee of students that support the organization as a whole and help carry out the Student Refugee Program. WUSC Facebook
Yemeni Student Association Yemeni Students Associations is a Youth group which aims to integrate Yemeni culture into Ottawa’s diverse community & raise awareness about the humanitarian situation in Yemen. Instagram: @Ysa_ottawa
Carleton Ravens Swim Team The Carleton Ravens Swim Team is open to all Carleton students with a competitive swimming background. We compete in the OUA and our season is from September to April. Swim Team Facebook
Figure Skating Competitive figure skating team that competes in singles, ice dance, free skate pairs and synchronized skating in OUA competitions throughout the academic year.
Carleton Competitive Curling Club Carleton Curling Club competes in OUA and USport Competitions and in 2019 won the USport Gold Medal as national men’s champion and in 2013 won as national women’s champion. We also have a development objective to train curlers who want to develop at Carleton as well as community connection to curling clubs in Ottawa to allow Carleton Students to play in Ottawa, particularly if they are new to town. This is for the support of curling as both a sport and social activity for the benefit of all who are interested.
Carleton Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team We are a group of competitive female athletes dedicated to our team and to improving our game. We love ultimate frisbee and we love pushing ourselves and each other to be the best we can be, while having an amazing time doing what we love and supporting our teammates. We welcome athletes of all skill level – whether you tried pick-up ultimate and loved it or have played on a competitive club team for years. Our goal is to develop a team that can compete with the top teams at Canadian University Ultimate Championships by focusing on player development and fostering a cohesive team atmosphere. Instagram: @womensbirdgang