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PLEASE NOTE: You must be an authorized CUSA club or society to hold an event that is sanctioned and approved by CUSA and Carleton University and you must go through the "Event Risk Management" form, which is posted at Carleton Parking Services, Should you not go through this process and gain approval, your event will not be insured and recognized and your club/society will be responsible for all aspects of the event and CUSA and Carleton University assume no responsibility. Should you require more information about this process, please contact Sophie Labreche at the CUSA office. Please note, CUSA cannot grant insurance for events outside of Canada.


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Can’t find the club you’re looking for? Start your own! Registered CUSA Clubs & Societies have access to a number of great services from the CUSA Clubs & Societies office.

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Who are the Clubs and Societies Commissioners? How do I get funding for my club? The answers to all of your questions are right here.

Clubs Services

CUSA provides a number of great services for registered Clubs & Societies, including printing, event insurance, equipment rentals, and funding.