Clubs & Societies Storage Application

All registered CUSA Clubs & Societies are eligible to apply for storage space in the C&S storage room, 324A University Centre. Each club or society has access to one storage bin, and they can also apply for extra storage space for larger items.

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    Each club can request the use of one 11"x 12"x 17" storage bin. Would your club like to request a bin?

    Do you have larger items that will not fit in a 11"x 12"x 17" bin that you wish to store?
    List those items here:

    CUSA Clubs & Societies Storage Guidelines:
    Clubs are entitled to the use of the CUSA 3rd floor storage, however, this service is subject to space constraints. CUSA grants space for larger items on a case-by-case basis. It may take up to five business days to receive a reply to your storage request. All CUSA Clubs can access their storage bin during CUSA office hours by requesting entry at the CUSA main office. For more information about club storage space, contact the Clubs Office at