Congratulations to Student Initiative Fund recipients

Carleton students are always working on amazing things, and we want to help them out wherever we can.

CUSA is proud to support students pursuing opportunities and projects that enhance their education and enrich the Carleton community through the CUSA Student Initiative Fund. Maintained by CUSA Council, it provides individual students with up to 500 dollars in funding for conferences, competitions, charity events, and academic projects.

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This year’s recipients have attended a number of prestigious events, competitions, and conferences. Students who attended the John Molson School of Business’ Sports Marketing Conference, and those who competed at the Model United Nations National Collegiate Security Conference with the help of the fund were happy to share their experiences with us.

“The John Molson School of Business’ Sports Marketing Conference was one of the highlights of the year. We got to hear from so many influential people in the sports industry as well as meet students from across North America. Now I have a better idea of how to make my love of sports a career.”
-Kelsey Burnett

“JMSM was another memorable weekend that I will never forget. The panels were a great way of hearing sports executives’ perspective and learn what I should do to get a sports marketing position. It feels great knowing I helped over 30 other students from Carleton attend the conference as well.”
-Jacob Bell

“Attending the 20th anniversary of the John Molson Sports Marketing conference in Montreal, Quebec was a fantastic experience for me. It allowed me to network with and learn from top executives throughout major sports leagues in North America. The experience was one of a kind and I could and I am proud to have represented Carleton at such a fantastic event!”
-David Hodgins

“I had an amazing experience this year at JMSM as the learning experience they provide was unbelievable. The workshops, panels and networking hours provided me with knowledge that I cannot gain in school and I think anyone interested in sports marketing should attend! Great conference overall.”
-Meghan Bennett

“Carleton University’s visit to the National Collegiate Security Conference was an outstanding opportunity to represent our academic institution internationally, and broaden my own professional horizons. Over our four days of debate, our university’s delegation had the distinct pleasure of acquainting ourselves with intellectuals from across the Model United Nations international circuit. Hosted by Georgetown University, the conference was an incredible opportunity which I am lucky to have had.”
– Nikola Milutinovic

I had the opportunity to delegate in the African National Congress, set in 1994 post-apartheid South Africa. It was an incredible experience delegating in such a prestigious conference and having the opportunity to stay in the capital of the United States of America.
– Christine Baillargeon

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