Service Centre Volunteer Spotlight: Aprile Harrison

received_10156329825180632This week’s service centre spotlight goes to one of the Womyn’s  Centre’s shining stars, Aprile Harrison. Originally from Toronto, Aprile moved to Ottawa to attend Carleton University. She is currently in the second year of her undergraduate degree with a major in Women and Gender Studies and a minor in Psychology. Aprile has a six-year-old niece and a cat, both of whom she adores. Aprile has worked at a bookstore for the past four years, which has allowed her to further her love and passion for literature. A fun fact about Aprile is that she loves coconut shrimp!

The initial reason for Aprile’s involvement with the Womyn’s Centre was her friends’ previous involvement with the center. Once Aprile got involved it didn’t take long for her to become a regular at the Womyn’s Center. Aprile now actively contributes ideas for the centre’s campaigns and events.

For Aprile, the Womyn’s Centre is her support system.

“The Womyn’s Center provides me with support and guidance whenever I need it. The volunteers and coordinators are some of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met and have shown me nothing but love and acceptance,” she says.

This year, Aprile organized the centre’s toiletry drive for the homeless community in Ottawa. The drive was quite successful and Aprile hopes to continue the initiative again next year. Aprile says she’s grateful to the coordinators and volunteers at the Womyn’s Centre for their empathy and kindness. She also says she’s enjoyed the opportunities the centre has given her to contribute to society and to grow as an active feminist.