CUSA Facts

Our Story
The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) has been around just as long as our University has. That means, for as long as students’ have been coming to the Nation’s capital to expand their knowledge, capabilities, and skills, CUSA has been contributing to student life, providing opportunities, and advocating on behalf of students’ best interests.

A continuous problem we face is the lack of knowledge of what CUSA is and/or what we do. Many students believe that they have never interacted with our association before, but there is an undertone of our work in many aspects of University life.

Every tap of the UPass is as a result of countless years of working with OC Transpo and the municipality, to make student-priced passes a reality (including the summer months).

Every interaction with a student club or society is made possible in part by the thousands of dollars that are dedicated to clubs funding every year.

Our service centres are committed to supporting and celebrating our diverse campus communities, offering everything from resources, to advocacy events, to peer support.

The fair trade coffee that accompanies your morning breakfast is served at Rooster’s Coffeehouse, one of our 4 distinct and affordable student-run businesses.

Our commitment to being an umbrella that covers students-especially when the University can’t-is the ideology that drives everything we do.

The Problem
In February 2019, Doug Ford’s government made a change to make ancillary fees optional without any consultation with the groups that it affects. This drastic change puts all of our services, the 275 jobs we provide, and the groups we support, at risk. Cognizant of the fact that there are still thousands of students who are unaware of what benefits their association may provide, this information gap will be a driving force to Carleton students choosing to opt out – a massive hit to our ability to serve students.

CUSA Facts
CUSA Facts are simple, accurate, messages detailing the core of what we do. Our mission, goals, services, campaigns, and day-to-day work are put at the forefront of this campaign.