6 frosh tips every first year needs to hear

Frosh: A time when bewildered students wander around the campus in colour co-ordinated t-shirts, led by over-enthusiastic upper-years. During this classic rite of passage, frightened freshmen are initiated into the Carleton community. Here are some tips to make sure you emerge from this week as fully-developed first years.
Carleton Fall Orientation
Tip 1: You will get dirty or wet, so dress appropriately. There will be tarps laid down on the hills and your frosh leaders will expect you to slide down them. Don’t be deceived; these slides will be covered in mud within ten minutes. And that soap they’re pouring down them will get in your eyes if you’re not careful. However, tarp-sliding is a great way to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of that cute girl you haven’t had the guts to say hi to yet.

Tip 2: Step out of your comfort zone. If there is a hypnotist, volunteer to go up on stage. The idea of making a fool of yourself in front of hundreds of your peers may make your heart race, but when it’s done, it will make for a great story. Everyone will be asking you if you really tasted that ice cream the hypnotist told you to imagine, or if you remember singing that opera song. Bask in the glow of frosh glory.

Tip 3: Try something you’ve never done before. When your frosh leader pushes you up to that mechanical bull, resist the urge to flee. It will be fun. Your palms will be exceptionally sweaty and you may slip off after only a couple seconds, but laugh it off. You can now say you’ve ridden a mechanical bull.

Tip 4: Put yourself out there. Everyone knows that the real fun happens at night, when first years congregate in the centre of the residence commons. Try to ask people questions other than the typical “what program are you in,” or “where are you from.” Instead, ask what they like on their pizza, or why they chose to wear that particular bucket hat. These questions may seem odd, but this is the best way to make yourself memorable.

Tip 5: Speaking of remembering things: when putting people’s phone numbers into you phone, add a couple words to help yourself out. You will meet dozens of Jakes and Sarahs, but putting “Jake with the oddly long hair” or “Sarah with the neon green jacket” will save you from some awkward situations in the future when they text you and you can’t remember who they are.

Tip 6: Make friends during frosh. Go to events with your roommates, people on your floor, or that one random guy you met on the way to the caf. Don’t worry, nobody knows anyone else either. It is perfectly acceptable to go up to a group of people and join the conversation. Do it soon, though; a few weeks into school, doing this will earn you some very confused looks.

By following these tips, you will be able to maneuver your way through the wild experience that is frosh. Hold on to your horses (or mechanical bulls) … you’re in for a wild ride!

By Irene Galea

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