13 ways you can tell you definitely go to Carleton

Everyone has those typical university experiences. Living in residence. Late night cram sessions. Consuming so much coffee you start to get the shakes. But if you’re a Carleton student, you’re also pretty familiar with this other stuff.

1. You never have any idea what floor you’re on in every single building.


Seriously can we talk about the Tory building? One second you’re in fourth floor UC, the next you’re in second floor Tory. Like what??
2. Campus actually gets busier on Thursday nights.

If you haven’t been to Thirsty Thursday, do you even go here?
3. Even if you’ve gone here for years, you still get lost in the tunnels sometimes.

And it’s always right before a big test.
4. If you miss the bus it’s not even a big deal because you can catch it at athletics.campus4
For real, you don’t even have to run; just do a fast-walk type thing.
5. You always see people walking around in slippers (and potentially full pajamas) even in the middle of winter thanks to the tunnels.

For the record, if you do this your prof is definitely not giving you that 5% attendance mark.
6. But you also see a ton of well-dressed students because half the student body works on Parliament Hill.

S/o to the first years clearly wearing their dad’s old suit jackets.
7. And then there’s the groundhogs.

If you don’t think they’re cute there’s actually something wrong with you.
8. Also, sometimes wild turkeys.

Yeah. That was a thing.
9. Everyone spends half of their degree in a Tim Horton’s line.

How is there a line at all five locations at all times.
10. You casually visit a World Heritage Site on the way to campus every day.

Not only are the locks super historical, but they look great on your insta.
11. There’s so many excellent nap spots all over campus and you’ve used all of them.

Looking at you, River Building benches. Thx for the memories.
12. You see homecoming as a warmup for the real party.

13. And the Panda game is just a preview for when we smash Ottawa U at Capital Hoops.

If you don’t go to Cap Hoops you’re probably a Gee Gee spy.