11 struggles only students in summer courses understand

Taking summer courses at Carleton University can be a struggle, especially when all your friends are out having fun in the sun. Here at CUSA, we know all about the summer grind.
1. The campus is a ghost town.

Who knew you would miss pushing through the crowds in the Uni Centre?

2. When everyone else is at the beach, you’re stuck in the library.

If you close your eyes you can pretend the chairs in the Discovery Centre are lounge chairs on a patio somewhere.

3. Your classroom either has too much AC or no AC.


It can be 30 degrees outside, but Southam Hall will always be Antarctica.

4. Classes are half as long, so they go twice as fast.


Nothing is more tragic than reaching week three and realizing you’re expected to write a midterm already.

5. There’s no one selling second hand textbooks online.


Definitely gonna have to hit up Haven like six times this summer.

6. Summer subletting can be questionable.


Hopefully your temporary roommate knows what a vacuum is.

7. Evening classes. Enough said.


The only thing worse than having a 6pm class every week is having a 6pm class twice a week.

8. Getting your caffeine fix is a struggle because everything is closed.


You didn’t know how much you relied on Tunnel Junction coffee until it was gone.

9. It’s impossible to focus when it’s so nice outside.


How can you pay attention to your macroeconomics lecture when you just spotted a dude kayaking on the canal out your classroom window?

10. All your friends went home for the summer and they keep posting pics of all the fun they’re having.


At least you have Culearn to keep you company.

11. The groundhogs. Everywhere.


Jk groundhogs are adorable.