Table Bookings

table booking

CUSA rents the space between Rooster’s Coffeehouse and Starbucks on the fourth floor of the University Centre and the landing space on the third floor of the University Centre for tabling during CUSA business hours. CUSA Clubs & Societies can book tables in this space for free. Up to eight tables can be booked per day in the University Centre Atrium space and up to three tables can be booked per day on the University Centre 3rd floor landing space. Groups are encouraged to limit the number of participants per table to five (5).

If you are looking to book space on the other side of the atrium, please book the University Galleria space through the Campus Card Office by filling out the booking form on their website:

Off campus groups can also book tables with CUSA for a small fee. For more information about table booking fees, email Please note that all commercial bookings must be compliant with the university’s Commercial Activities policy. Students and off campus groups are also encouraged to review the Carleton Booking Space policy. 

To book a table, fill out the form below:


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