10 financial tips for students

October 31, 2016 no Comments

We know how hard it can be to balance your finances as a student. You’ve got to pay rent, tuition, groceries, utilities…and you still want to have a little fun at some point. Right now is probably the most broke you’ll ever be, and we know it can be challenging. As part of our Financial Literacy Month, … Read More “10 financial tips for students”

International students answer questions about Carleton, Canada, and studying abroad

August 31, 2016 no Comments

Being an international student can be tough. You’re moving to a different country with a different culture, likely a different language, and extreme weather. We know how challenging it can be, so we asked some international students on campus to share their experiences and offer any advice they have for incoming students. This year we’re answering … Read More “International students answer questions about Carleton, Canada, and studying abroad”

Meet your councilor: Isabella Boushey

August 16, 2016 no Comments

Have you met your CUSA councilor yet? Councilors represent you at monthly CUSA Council meetings and collaborate to improve your services, events and campaigns. Our new Meet Your Councilor series gives you the chance to get to know a little bit more about your student representatives. This week, get to know Science Councilor Isabella Boushey.   … Read More “Meet your councilor: Isabella Boushey”