Test new online ranked ballot system

Help us test the new ranked ballot system that is set to be implemented in the 2018 General Election. Your feedback will help us pick a format that will be clear and easy for students to use when they vote in future elections and referenda.

Click here to find out more and try the sample ballot.

2017 Elections Report released

The CUSA Electoral Officers have released the 2016-17 Elections Report. View it here.

Official General Election Results

The Electoral Board has declared the Official Results of the 2017 CUSA General Elections, and this election is now closed.

Elections Office findings dating Feb 2

The Elections  Office has made a series of rulings. They can be found here.

First Electoral Board Meeting minutes

The Electoral Board has been struck to address appeals on Elections Office decisions. Their full minutes can be found here.

Notice of Withdrawals from the 2017 CUSA General Elections

For immediate release: Notice of Withdrawals

Voting Day Policy

The Voting Day Policy is now available. The policy outlines appropriate behaviour of candidates on the voting days, February 1 and 2.

Clarification #2

A number of issues were identified. Clarifications can be found here. 

Social Media and Budget Guidelines

All candidates should be familiar with the Social Media guidelines, which can be found here, and the Official Budget guidelines, which can be found here.

Clarification #1 

A number of issues relating to the Electoral Code were raised at the All Candidates meeting last night. A non-exhaustive set of clarifications can be found here. Any further questions can be directed to the Office.

2017 Approved Postering Locations

The conditional postering list has been released by the CEO. Note that per the Electoral Code, all locations must be able to accommodate all candidates, and as such locations may lose approval.

The Elections Office reminds all members that posters should not be put up until the beginning of the Campaigning period and each poster must be individually approved by the Elections Office.

2017 Writ of Election passed at Council

The Writ of Election for the General Election passed at Council on Monday January 16th. It can be found here. Those who wish to be nominated to become candidates must visit the Elections Office at University Center room 426F.

The 2017 Electoral Code Policy can be found here, and the Official Complaints Form can be found here. Any questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to the Office, which can be also reached at or at 613-520-2600 extension 1566.

End of Year Report

The 2015-16 Elections End of Year Report is now available. The Chief Elections Officer prepares this document each year in order to report both the successes and challenges experienced by their office during the previous year.

View the report here.