We’re looking for four students to fill empty Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences seats on CUSA Council. Email to apply.

The Carleton University Students’ Association is where decisions about the association are made. Council is made up of 25 Faculty representatives and members from the Rideau River Residence Association (RRRA) and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA). Your faculty representative is your voice for your issues. Be sure to connect with them if you have any concerns, questions, or recommendations for CUSA. Find your councilor for 2016-17 in the list below.

Interested in being a councilor? Don’t wait for elections, be a proxy! Fill out this form and you may be selected to represent your faculty should a councilor be unable to attend council. Email for more information.


Daniel Giacca
Tommy Whyte
Engineering and Design
Michael Aide-Akhibi
Mahmoud Sabry
Katerina Kouloufakos
Andre N. Lawrence
Emma Maddock
Andrew Vicencio
Arts and Social Sciences
Scott Taylor
Lily Akagbosu
Claudia Calagoure-Perna
Julia Van Drie
Ross Zimmerman
Carly Murphy
Public Affairs
Ryan Clancy
Jenny Giang
Brittanie Jonidi
Julia Parsons
Connor Thibodeau
Cameron Wales
Hannah Waye
Nima Dadar
John Haddad
Yvonne Osagie
Hassan Zafar
Special Student
Brendan McLoughlin

For more information about CUSA Council, contact the Vice President Internal at