Clubs & Societies Fund Application

Fill out the form below to apply for 2017-18 Clubs & Societies funding. Funding application deadline is Monday, September 25th, 2017 at midnight.

Basic Club or Society Information

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Club or Society Details

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How many members (or projected members) do you have for the 2016-17 year?

Event & Project Details

What are the main projects (i.e. events) for this academic year?
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What is the purpose of your projects?
(example: entertainment or philanthropic or both, etc))

Who will attend these events?
(example: students or community outside of Carleton or both, etc)

What are the general activities of your projects?
(example: galas. seminars, tournaments, combination of all, etc)

Describe how these projects will contribute to the Carleton community.

Do any of these projects involve collaboration or partnerships with other groups or organizations? If yes, please provide the names and the events.

Funding Details and Questions

Please provide a full description of your most expensive event. Outline the purpose, budget, costs, attendance, etc.

Explain what funds will be used for.

What other funding options have been explored?

Describe how students will benefit from your events.

Please upload a copy of your budget for the 2017-18 academic year.